PHILIPS HU4803/01 Air humidifier Philips HU4803/01 - HU4803/01

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Automatic control and smart evaporation technology. Philips air humidifier fights dry air with precision. It evenly distributes humidified air throughout the room and has 99% less bacterial spreading compared with ultra-sonic ones.
  • Advanced evaporation system
    This Philips Air humidifier offers a three-stage advanced evaporation system. Stage 1, the absorbent filter on the humidifier catches big particles such as human / pet hair and dust when drawing in the dry air. Stage 2, the advanced evaporation technology retains all bacteria, viruses and calcium from the water ensuring that only pure water humidifies the dry air. Stage 3, healthy air gets blown out of the humidifier at a constant speed, delivering comfortable, pure air humidification in your home.
  • Comfortable humidification
    Evenly distributes humidified air throughout the room. Breathe and sleep better at home with healthy humidified air.
  • Precise humidity settings
    The Philips Air humidifier allows you to choose between 40, 50 and 60 percent humidity in the air for maximum comfort.
  • Automatic humidity mode
    The automatic mode uses the digital sensor to constantly monitor the air humidity and will turn on and off your humidifier whenever needed, ensuring the humidity level is constantly at the right level.
  • Healthy air protect alert
    Red light alert warns you when to refill the Tank.
  • Healthy air protect lock
    When the water tank is empty and needs to be refilled, the healthy air protect lock shuts off the humidifier and a red indicator lights up telling you that the humidifier has stopped.
  • Easy-to-set timer
    Appliance operates for a set number of hours and automatically switches off when set time has elapsed.
  • Best-in-class cleanability
    Cleaning humidifiers inside and out - especially the water tank - has never been easier.
  • Easy to fill water tank
    2 ways of filling water tank of this Philips humidifier, you can bring water in a jar and fill it locally after removing the tank's top cover or you can take the water tank to the closest tap in your home.
  • Triple humidification speed
    Choose between silent, standard or powerful humidification to allow maximum flexibility.
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