PHILIPS StyleCare Sublime Ends Curler 32 mm - BHB868/00

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Sublime Ends Curler is the first curler designed to protect your fragile ends when you style. Thanks to the premier SplitStop Technology you can create those soft curls without worry so hide no more and step into the spotlight!
  • SplitStop technology
    The secret to ultimate split ends prevention is the SplitStop Technology. It is a unique combination of optimized heat performance and minimized friction level to respect the health of your hair from roots to tips. There are no sudden temperature changes which ensures the optimum heat is delivered constantly and evenly along the barrel when you style. The barrel is coated with smooth ceramic to reduce the traction on hair strands.
  • Keratin infusion
    Keratin is the hair's essential ingredient which makes them strong, healthy and gorgeous looking. The ceramic is enriched with keratin to even better take care of your hair.
  • Digital temperature settings
    Digital display with 8 temperature settings gives you absolute control to adjust temperature to your hair type for damage prevention.
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Garantie (maanden) 24
power W 50
Functions temperature regulator, keratin-ceramic coating, LCD display, long cable
Temperatur 130°C – 200°C
Coating ceratin-ceramic
Display N/A
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