OCHO Nail Gel - pink 30g

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-easy to use both in salons and by non-professionals for home use
-perfect for nail extensions
-it doesn't run
-30g package

OCHO Nail Gel - pink is in an opaque light pink shade

Method of use:

1. Disinfect and prepare the nails. Clean completely of previous polish and residue.

2. Use a suitable nail file, polish the nail plate gently with a block file.

3. Clean from dust, apply degreaser.

4. If you want to build, put a suitable template that fits exactly. Apply the gel in the desired shape and bake.

5. Remove the form and, if necessary, repeat on the already built nail for more rigidity. Bake again.

6. Clean the built-up nail with cleaning fluid. Shape the nails with a file, polish with a block file.

7. If desired, apply gel polish and bake in the lamp. You can also apply a top coat directly on top of the gel.

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