Panasonic ER-GK60-S503 Rechargeable Beard Hair Clipper Wet Dry - ER-GK60-S503

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Groom hair everywhere with the Panasonic body trimmer tool designed for hard to reach areas. You can enjoy gentle styling and grooming with a protective blade that shaves to 0.1mm, and with wet/dry features you can even groom without mess!
  • Groom without irritation
    The GK60's protective blades catch body hairs while preventing skin irritation. The fixed blade (bottom blade) guards the skin, helping to prevent the movable blade (upper blade) from touching the skin. What's more, it's easy to use and cuts close.
  • Gentle to the skin
    The edges of the fixed blade are wide and rounded to ensure a minimum skin irritation. The gaps on the fixed blade are also narrow, making it hard for skin to enter.
  • Groom hard-to-reach areas
    The GK60's i-shape design makes the GK60 as fine as a precision tool. The slim, ergonomic shape makes the shaving of hard-to-reach body regions soothingly easy - and also soft on your skin.
  • Groom close and clean
    For perfectionists, the GK60 shaves body hair down to a length of 0.1 mm. Unlike when using a safety razor, body hairs can be directly and easily removed without the need of shaving foam.
  • Groom while protecting skin
    The tips of the protective attachment are rounded to be gentle to skin. And there's a space of approx. 2mm between the attachment and the skin to enable a safe cutting without harming the soft skin in sensitive areas.
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